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2011 Photos

No time for individual blog posts… here’s a quick glimpse of our year!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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Thayne the brain in our music room

July American Mothers Planning Playdate

I love this annual planning meeting with my dear friends.

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American Mothers June 2011




Cul-de-sac of fire 2011

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Family night at the park… Dado’s Gig

This video was during the warm up time for the Burnside Band.  Two kids with him… he’s definitely a family man!

Our Daily Schedule

Small and Simple Things

(Lucy Mack Smith reading the bible to Joseph and Hyrum)

By David Koch

This week I am caring for my brother’s 3 wonderful children.  Though it is delightful to have them here playing and bonding with their cousins, it has reminded me of how I cherish our routines, schedule and stewardship assignments given to each child.  As I have missed the order of our home over the past few days, I thought it would be a good time to respond to my dear friend, Mayela, about some details of our daily schedule.  I’ve included a brief outline and some notes about different times of the day.  If there’s a certain part of the day you are interested in knowing about how we do things, leave a comment and I’ll find time to elaborate on that section.

Let me just preface this by saying… this is the default schedule that I always strive to achieve.  If anyone ever comes over, we throw it out the window because it never works the same.  It is there to create joy and sometimes it’s most joyful to be flexible and try again the next day.  Having no schedule in place though, leads to mob rule, mom in jammies and crisis mode, kids with bed head and overall bewilderment wondering where did the day go?  I started the schedule for this post at 6:30 because that’s when I begin with the children.  I like to take the approach to mothering and running the home the same as if I were a CEO of a fortune 500.  So I feel like I need to be “Ready For Work” by 6:30.  So before 6:30, I like to have done my exercise, my spiritual routine, be showered and dressed to the shoes (flylady) and tidy up my room (flylady morning routine checklist).  Sometimes I don’t get everything in and some days I race to the table without my make up on yet.  But the day goes much better when I’m completely prepared and can then focus on Brigham, the kids, the home, the meals and squeeze in my own education, hobbies, passions in the cracks here and there. Read the rest of this entry »

Art Room Buddies

I just love these moments.  I want to hold onto them forever!

Food & Feeling Good-Addressing the Mind & Body Connection

The August American Mothers, Inc. Chapter Meeting is next week!

August 26, 2010

Jonell Francis, author of the Feel Good Cookbook, will be our Presenter.  Copies of Jonell’s cookbook will be available for purchase!


712 East 700 North, American Fork

Come early at 7 for a pre-meeting social and to sample healthy treats (and/or bring one to share).

Jonell PictureJonell West Francis is a home engineer and happy mother of nine. She graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in Humanities and History. After working ten years for WordPerfect Corporation in Software Development, Testing, Instructional Services and the WordPerfect Magazine, she came home to care for her children and “debug” her own increasing health problems. She and her husband enjoy raising their brood at the base of Utah’s beautiful Wasatch mountains.

“Ten years ago, my life changed dramatically. I had a history of declining health that grew worse with each pregnancy. My daily life included chronic headaches, lack of energy, sore muscles, aching in joints and limbs, occasional dizziness, and continual abdominal complaints, primarily diarrhea but alternating eventually with periods of constipation. There were rarely more than 4-5 days in a row that I felt really well. I knew that eating very much sugar or chocolate gave me headaches, especially if eaten on an empty stomach, and that emotional stress was also a factor. But even at times when I didn’t feel stressed and hadn’t consumed these known offenders, I frequently felt just “blah.”

My search began. I consulted every specialist my medically connected family could find. Several physical exams, a scope, an ultrasound, repeated blood work and stool tests all came back normal. I acquired several labels for my worsening symptoms: colitis, spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, and finally fibromyalgia. I begged God to teach me the good that could come from this miserable condition and to find the resources to help me get well. I did find answers and recovered from fibromyalgia over a two year period. The Feel Good Cookbook tells my story along with what I’ve learned. And if what I share helps anyone with similar challenges then my effort is well met.”

Family Picture

Anyone is welcome to attend!  E-mail Karmel with questions,

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Park Playdate!

I’m blessed to have many inspiring friends.  We gathered at the park and let our kids roam freely while we shared ideas.