American Mothers, Inc

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Anyone can join our American Mothers of Utah Valley Facebook Group by friending me, Karmel Larson, and requesting to join the group.  We use this private FB group for event planning, idea sharing, meeting reminders, etc.

I am excited to tell you about American Mothers, Inc (AMI)! Please read more about this fantastic national organization for women below. As President of the Utah Valley Chapter of American Mothers, I invite you to join us for any of our upcoming events and chapter meetings. AMI has been a great source of friendship, information sharing, service and advice for me and so many other great moms! Join us!

A dedicated force to strengthen the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and the home.

We are an inter-faith, non-political, non-profit organization. National Site

AMI of Utah Valley is a strong network of amazing women dedicated to improving themselves, their families and the community through education and service. Our chapter seeks to build and train mothers who then share information and insights with their families. Most importantly, we believe in ACTING upon what we are learning, discussing and promoting. As mothers, we lead our families into service and act upon family values to shape the community we live in.

Flexibility and fun are key to our success as a chapter. You can participate as much or as little and constantly adjust your level of involvement to accommodate your family needs. We invite you to join our group and find out more about what we do and why everyone keeps inviting their friends, family and neighbors to join our exciting efforts.

Contact me with questions or to join our group…427-9293, Karmel.larson at