To help one another as equal partners…

by Karmel Larson

Today is our 10 year anniversary!

We had so much fun together, “on vacation”, at the national Piano Technicians Guild Convention in Vegas.  Here we are at the convention with our little helper, Joshua.  He was the attention grabber everywhere we went!

There is a special bond between husband and wife who are also business partners.  Luckily, for us, we can’t get enough of each other and love to talk business as much as all other topics.  I envision us doing shop work together well into our 80’s listening to great audio books.

I captured the above photo while following Brigham to help him deliver this piano that we sold a few weeks ago.   He’s so romantic when he asks if I want to go on “a date” with him to deliver a piano.  Though I love our piano dates, he takes me on great regular nights out as well.

The title of this post is framed and sits on the desk in our office.  It comes from the Proclamation on the Family and holds special meaning for us.  Happy anniversary my darling Brigham.  Looking forward to the dawn of a new decade with you!