Bumbo Dado

by Karmel Larson

I have an amazing neighbor who is the kind of thoughtful friend that I hope to be one day.  When I moved in… she brought me delicious bread.  When Joshie was born, meals came and then after most were done helping… she showed up with bags and bags and bags of fresh produce because she knew that I loved salads and fresh fruit and couldn’t yet get out shopping.  She raced over a variety of her purses when I e-mailed to inquire if she had a black bag I could use for the LaCaille Masquerade Ball.  Then a short while ago, she showed up on my porch with this cute little blue seat… the baby bumbo.  We use it EVERY DAY for our little Joshie and he loves it!  (THANKS TARA!!!)  Dado gets a bit of use out of it as well.

A side note… notice that enormous stack of books next to Briggy?  He will get a stack like this during silent reading and sit flipping through the pages for almost the entire hour (he’s 2).  The trick to getting him to do this is that he knows once he’s done with books, it’s off to bed for quiet time.  Each of my kids has started out this way and has developed a great love of reading!  It’s never to early to get them “reading”!  Little Briggy also does partner reading and will tell about the pictures to one of his sibs.  (and to be totally honest… he occasionally just acts crazy and causes chaos and gets sent to his nap sooner than later so the rest of us can enjoy our quiet hour of reading).

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