Kite Flying Abby

by Karmel Larson

My little sweetie, Abigail… a few weeks ago, attempting to fly a kite on our back yard hill of rocks.  The kite never took flight, but it sure was magical to watch her try.  She is a special little girl and I feel so blessed to be her mom.

After being introduced to the Phantom of the Opera on YouTube, she saw the book on the shelf of our home library.  She grabbed it with intense enthusiasm and said she was going to read it.  I doubted her and so I gave her an incentive, that I’d get her the movie if she really did read it.  She reported in to me after every chapter, and tonight we watched the movie together.  What joy to see her challenge herself, meet her goal and have such satisfaction in her reward.  She is going to soar to great heights in this life!