I love you because…

by Karmel Larson

I love you because… you take time to roll around in the grass with our kids!

Our first year of marriage, someone suggested to me that I keep an ongoing list of all of the reasons why I love my husband.  Each Valentine’s Day and on our anniversary (coming up the 28th of this month), I present the list to Brigham as part of his gift from me.  I love reading it together over a fabulous dinner and smiling at each other with each statement, knowing that we are WAY MORE IN LOVE THAN ANY OTHER COUPLE HAS EVER BEEN!!

So start a list and give it to your hubby for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  It’s amazing how truly wonderful our spouses are when we look at all of their goodness, good deeds and good qualities all stacked up together in one long gratitude love note.  Right before bed is a good time to add a one liner of what he did that day that was fabulous! (Makes for a good quickie journal entry too!)