Mothers Monument

by Karmel Larson

I was privileged to participate in preparing some photos to be used for a sculpture being made for a Mothers Monument to honor mothers for the sacrifices they make. Miniature replicas of the large sculpture will also be available for sale (I’ll have to get you one for Mother’s Day Mama!)

You can learn more about the project at

Please also sign the petition.

The tribute that will be on the monument:
“To our mothers who have taken upon themselves valiantly, diligently and often without support or praise from the world, to raise up nations in the hope of a better peace and a better world than they themselves have witnessed; May we honor their lives, sacrifice, and memory by rejoicing as they did in the prospect of life, hope, justice and love for the one. May their example distill upon our souls and change our hearts that we make the world for which they yearned.”