One Tough Mrs. Utah Endorses…

by Karmel Larson

Yes, that’s her… Mrs. Utah, moving pianos for her amazing, wonderful, talented, charming, hard-working, musically gifted, loving, handsome, charismatic, devoted business partner and husband, Brigham Larson, RPT.  You not only get an amazing piano when you buy from Brigham… if you are lucky, you’ll get it delivered by Mrs. Utah.  Notice that I am on the down side of the ramp… pretty tough wouldn’t you say?

Disclaimer: OK-so the truth is my brute of a husband does 99% of the moving, pushing, lifting and equipment intelligence, while I balance it a little, add conversation and pull out the dolley for the last step.

Photo credits go to Ben Larson age 7… it’s an All-American family business!