New Young Mother of the Year 2010

by Karmel Larson

Congratulations to Shauna Dunn!  She was just selected this past weekend by the Utah State Selection Committee for American Mothers, Inc.  Shauna is one of my mother mentors!  She is my mom-idol.  You can meet her at our AMI meeting this Thursday.  She’ll be presenting and hosting at her home in American Fork.  You won’t be able to write fast enough!  (call or e-mail me for the address… 801-427-9293 or  The woman rocks the world of ideas for motherhood.  She will have so much to share with all of us this year!

So happy for you Shauna!

PS-The new Mother of the Year was selected as well.  I’ll post about her once I meet her and talk to her.  She’s from Utah County as well!  Great moms in this valley!