Presentation at PIC Meeting, Sponsored by United Way

by Karmel Larson

Today I had the opportunity to speak to members of the PIC (Partners For Infants and Children) Committee sponsored by the United Way.  I was overwhelmed with the positive response and outpouring of ideas and desires to volunteer and help that followed.  More e-mails came from the group as I arrived home.

One woman volunteered to solicit help from the the Regional PTA Representative to promote White Ribbon Week.  Another individual wanted to pass along Child-Appropriate Resolution information to each of her children living in Utah Cities where resolutions have not been passed.  One father in attendance was anxious to have a referral for internet filters.  So many others were moved to action as well.

This has been the typical response I have found from fellow Utah citizens as I have been invited to speak on decency at various events.  I’m grateful to be among such wonderful company!

As I head to Las Vegas next week to compete at the Mrs. United States Pageant, I look forward to promoting Decency to a national audience that I hope to find as receptive as the great citizens of Utah.  Thank you for your support and for helping me to spread this message!