Davis County Junior Miss Scholarship Program

by Karmel Larson

Davis Jr. Miss 001I was invited to be a judge for the Davis County Junior Miss Scholarship Program yesterday.  It was a wonderful experience to see how well prepared and well-rounded these girls were.  I wan’t familiar with this program prior to this invitation.  Now I will recommend it to everyone who has teenage girls.  These girls were so talented, poised, intelligent and fit!  For fitness they performed a 5+ minute physical fitness routine complete with double time pushups.  I would be thrilled if Abby participated in such a program in the future.  These were high quality girls with direction, purpose and excellent training!  I’d like to meet each of their mothers and get some tips!  The judges were all so wonderful as well.  It was an inspiring day of women seeking to improve themselves and their communities!  The Provo Junior Miss Program will be in October, if any one is interested in that-I can connect you with the director.