Support local film-Go see this Friday!

by Karmel Larson

picture-2 A good friend of mine, Jed Wells, directed this film and it will be in Theaters this Friday, the 8th.  Here is some info:  (sorry for the lame format… but I’m packing boxes and moving, so quick blogging is the best I an do)

From Jed:  This is my least favorite position to
> be in, and i hope you’ll forgive me for putting you in a
> similar one.  But here goes.
> I mentioned last week that my film, fire creek,
> would be opening this weekend along the wasatch front.  due
> to insufficient advertising (isn’t that always the way?)
> that’s turned into friday, may 8 only.  cinemark has
> been generous to open this for us, but they are
> understandably unwilling to hold it if there isn’t an
> audience.  not sure why the trailers aren’t playing on
> tv and there was a sizable delay with the posters because
> they were waiting for an official rating from the MPAA.
>  anyway, bla bla bla… we need your help.
> if you thought you were going to do me this
> favor at catch the film on saturday, as of right now you
> can’t.  below i’ll list the theaters where you can
> see it and when.
> Provo Cinemark 16
> 9:10pm
> Cinemark American Fork
> 9:50pm
> Cinemark University Mall
> 11:45am 2:10pm 4:45pm 7:10pm 9:45pm
> Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing
> 12:35pm 2:55pm 5:15pm 7:35pm 10:15pm
> Tinseltown USA (Layton)
> 9:15pm
> please visit the website
> if you’re unsure what i’m even talking about
> they’re running
> newspaper stories in the herald, the trib and des news, but
> i don’t think any of those will be printed before
> friday, so i’m going at this grass-roots style.  so if
> you have a blog, a myspace or facebook page, if you’re
> on twitter or you stand on a apple crate on the corner
> hollering your opinions at the world, please put in a word
> for the film.  you don’t have to do it for me, because
> most of you know i’m a pretty reprehensible individual,
> but do it for the hundreds of people who worked on it and
> the potential other hundreds that could benefit from getting
> more student work in front of viewers.
> thanks,
> friends.