My big suprise from my amazing husband!!!!!!!!!

by Karmel Larson

As we were exiting the Covey Center For the Performing Arts and I thought we were getting into the car to drive home, Brigham said, “You’re not going home Mrs. Utah”.   He pulled out the key to the penthouse suite of the Hines Mansion, which is directly across the street from the Covey.  I was so stressed at first (what about the kids, and I don’t have any stuff and I left the house a wreck and, and, and…..)  Then he told me he had cleaned the entire house, scheduled an all night babysitter (even setting out breakfast for everyone to make it easier), he had arranged rides home for our kids, packed our overnight bags and already had them delivered and waiting at the penthouse suite along with a table set with celebration food and sparkling cider!  Do I have the world’s most awesome husband OR WHAT??????????????  Pretty fab Mr. Utah!  I LOVE HIM!  I LOVE HIM!  I LOVE HIM!  It was the perfect fantasy ending to our amazing journey together.  He’s been nothing but supportive and excited the entire time.  I thought he was supportive throughout the pageant process… he has totally blown me away with support now that I am tackling the promotion of my platform.  Everyday he asks how he can help.  He takes the kids for hours, days at a time!  He is spearheading the obtaining of sponsors to support TEAM Decency.  He is working on my presentation powerpoint slides.  He is tracking down website designers and being my videoographer and youtube techie for my weekly video updates.  HE IS THE IDEAL MAN!  I’m so grateful for our wonderful partnership.  It is going to be an exciting year together.






Our celebration feast!  He spoils me!