April American Mothers Meeting

by Karmel Larson

Utah Mother of the Year visited our group

Dixie Clifford, the Utah Mother of the Year, visited our group and gave her speech that she will be presenting at the National Convention.

Dixie Clifford, Utah Mother of the Year, 2009. Photo by Scott Hancock

Dixie grew up in Paradise, Utah in a loving family where spiritual and moral values were taught. While a student at Utah State, she met and married Lincoln Clifford, her husband of 52 years. She has been blessed with four children and seven grandchildren. Born with a positive mental attitude and boundless energy, she has focused her life on homemaking and mothering with “spare” time spent in youth leadership and volunteer work in the schools, communities and churches of the six states where she has lived. A prolific writer and musician, she inspires young people to achievement and patriotism through her work in PTA, Scouting, 4-H Club work, school and church programs. She is a published author of essays, poems, newspaper feature stories and photos, with a novel, The Dictionary, slated for Christmas 2009. As a re-entry woman earning a Communications degree, she was named Student of the Year by her professors. In 1992, she was named Commissioner of the Year by the Los Angeles Area Parks & Recreation Commission for 123 cities.Click here to read a copy of her speech.

Dixie and Karmel at our chapter meeting

Utah Valley AMI Chapter President, Karmel Larson with Utah Mother of the Year 2009, Dixie Clifford

April Meeting on Educating our Children

April Chapter meeting group

As usual, we had a great discussion last night.  Our Glenn Latham parenting lesson was on toilet training, Chapter 18, p. 249. Consistent with all of  Dr. Latham’s approach to parenting, he says to ignore the negative behavior (going to the bathroom in the diaper or having an accident in underwear) by not talking, tickling, singing or scolding when changing diaper or underwear.  When the child is dry (diaper or underwear), praise child, give high fives, dance, sing, etc.  Ingrid suggested starting out by checking child’s diaper every 30 minutes and praising when dry, saying nothing when wet.  Everyone’s general consensus was to not force toilet training. Watch for signs of readiness of child. When child is ready, he will most often make the transition himself  or herself.

Education at home- Use every day moments to teach children.  For example, Ingrid put up an alphabet chart by the changing table when her daughter was one, and taught her the alphabet every time she changed diapers.  Danielle likes to have her daughter count apples while they put them in the bag, and make up addition and subtraction problems with every day opportunities.  Dixie said that when her children were young, she and her husband vowed to use correct grammar and speech around their children.  Karmel shared a scripture binder strategy that has helped improve scripture study around their home.  We all agreed fathers are important in using everyday moments to teach children.

Shauna Dunn gave a wonderful presentation on teaching children to love reading at the Thomas Jefferson Leadership Conference in March. She has graciously agreed to share her presentation with us,  “The E’s and Ease of Teaching your Child to Love Reading”

Shauna, Danielle and Ingrid

Chapter members, Shauna, Danielle & Ingrid

New President-Elect Kristin Collins

We are excited to welcome Kristin Collins as our President-Elect of our Utah Valley American Mothers chapter.  She will start her term as President in July.  At this time, we will also form a board for our Utah Valley chapter.  If you are interested in being on the board, contact Kristin.

Kristin and Karmel

Karmel and Kristin

Next meeting will be our Honoring Motherhood Event, May 9, 2009.