Conference Weekend

by Karmel Larson

The talks that impacted me most this weekend were focused on the temple.

Powerful thoughts came to mind!  So grateful for these opportunites to seek improvement!

Here is a link to Elder Bednar’s talk (my favorite).

Here are some photos from our weekend.  Brigham’s parents came to our house to watch conference with us.


This is kind of a goofy photo of yours truly, but shows the posted menus that I collected from each family menu for “Karmel’s Cafe”.  Business hours are the first Sunday of each April and October from 8-10am.  It was a huge hit!  The kids are always hearing me say…. “You get what you get and don’t throw a fit.  This is not a cafe, it’s a cafeteria-just one option!”  So they were thrilled to get a huge list of things to choose from off their printed menus.  We all had fun making it and serving it restaurant style.  Below is Abby filling out her “Karmel’s Cafe” menu.



It’s a good thing the talks are posted on-line for future reading.  There is a danger in watching anything laying down!


Between sessions, we did “Grown Ups and Doughnuts”.  Each of the 4 kids picked a grown up and picked books from the huge assortment of new library books.  We read and ate donuts!   Happy kids…