New updates to our family page

by Karmel Larson

Thank you to Chad at Faces Photography for the beautiful photos!


The Larsons… Never a dull moment!



He’s the best dad on the planet… the kids call him, “Super-Hero-Dado”. When he’s not giving tractor rides or reviving an old piano…you might find him at a Jazz gig or watching an old film with friends at movie club. He’s a big thinker… always a new idea or invention at the forefront of his mind!


Motherhood is her passion!  Educating her children is her peak joy.   She thrives on the social interaction and goodness found with American Mothers, yet also loves the solitude of quiet country life at home canning, baking, gardening, collecting eggs and reading books in our mini orchard.

Benjamin Greg-Ben Ben

Ben is our social scholar!  His latest concern was that he “has too many friends and not enough time to play with them all”.  He’s the kid at the park who is introducing himself to everyone and organizing a game.  FYI-Ben’s current favorite color is “hot lava color”.


Abigail Diana-Abby Diny

Sweet little Abigail!  She’s got her daddy’s musical ears-always heading to the piano to plunk out a song she’s singing.  Abby is mama’s little helper too-frequently requesting new chores to be added to her list.  Her latest request to be “in charge” of “putting Thanye down for his nap”.


Thayne Richard-Danger, Thayne-a-punim

Quick… hide the breakables.  Actually, don’t bother-he’ll climb, jump or fly to find them.  He’s our active delight!  Curly headed, giggling kid!


Brigham Walter Jr.-Briggy, Brig Jr, Baby, Buddy, Little Guy

He’s cute, cuddly, fills our home with joy.


We are so blessed!