Sunday Centers

by Karmel Larson

A friend of mine in our ward, shared this idea with me and I thought I would pass it along.  Their family organizes “Sunday Centers” each Sabbath to give their kids positive activities to do.  They’ve been doing it for years and now her teenage daughters run them completely.  We started doing the “Sunday Centers” and are kids have been asking if we could “please” do them on more days than just Sundays.  

So the idea is pretty simple… Saturday night, post some signs around the house that suggest Sabbath appropriate activities.  If certain supplies are needed, then those are set out ahead of time as well.  The idea is to focus on the can dos rather than the Sabbath restrictions.  I also give each child a paper for them to record what centers they have done to report back at dinner (and receive their abundant praise of course).  Some families might want to offer rewards for completing centers.  So far we are avoiding awards and it’s working to have the centers be the reward.  Our kids are in Sabbath Heaven.  I hope it lasts!

Some of our favorites are:

Watch a spiritual you tube with dad. Write to a missionary.  Explore the backyard and find 5 beautiful things.  Make something and deliver to a neighbor.  Prepare your FHE assignment.  Read a book to a sibling.  Send a gratitude e-mail.  Do a secret service.  Watch a Sunday video.  Write in your journal.  Make a collage from the Friend Magazine.  Play a hymn.  Sing a Primary Song.  Recite a Scripture for a piece of gum.  Art Center-changes each week with a new theme (playdough-build temples, etc).

You get the idea… the options are endless!