American Mothers & Parents Television Council

by Karmel Larson


Tonight would have been our monthly AMI night-but no meetings in December.  More time to work on being the moms we talk about wanting to be.  I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday traditions.  In my efforts to simplify and do more by doing less… I’ve come up with a plan to lead both AMI and the PTC more effectively by holding both group meetings on the same night.  So beginning on the second Thursday in January of 2009, we’ll be meeting at the Provo Library for both American Mothers and Parents Television Council.  I am hoping that doing both in the same night might help to build both organizations as many who participate in one or the other are interested in both.  We’ll have the PTC meetings from 6-7pm and the AMI meetings from 7:30-8:30 with our usual pre-meeting socials starting right at 7:00.  Mrs. Utah 2008, Emily Nelson, will be joining us for our January meetings.  So mark your calendars for the 8th and be a part of two organizations that are working to improve families and our communities.


Above is a photo of our last PTC leadership meeting led by Gavin McKiernen, the national grassroots director, who flew in from LA to provide training. 

Below is one of our recent AMI meetings where we finished up our patient dolls service project for Primary Children’s Hospital.  We are going to be delivering those on Christmas Eve to the Hospital.  Thanks Rachelle for the great service idea!