Rewarding Women With Reflexology

by Karmel Larson

Many years ago, my mom developed chronic pain. She suffers from a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. Those who suffer from this chronic condition have nicknamed it the suicide disease because the pain is so intense. She is an amazing woman who keeps going despite this powerful challenge that has been thrown into her life. Sometimes the pain is so great and intense that it causes her to unintentionally scream out in pain when an “electrifying shock” hits her unexpectely.

As her disease progressed she sought out any and all forms of treatment to try and reduce and/or elimate the chronic pain.  In her quest for relief, she found that reflexology treatments were very successful in eliminating a painful attack.  After receiving many, many treatments, she decided to study the practice herself and professionally trained with a reflexology school.

I was blessed to be one of the recipients of her “practice” while she studied and trained as a reflexologist.  She would give treatments to everyone and anyone she could.  She told me that she just wanted to serve and provide relaxation for friends and family.  For Mother’s Day two years ago, I gave her a framed art piece depicting Christ washing the feet of the disciples because it reminded me of my mom’s Christlike intentions and constant devotion to serving others throughout her life.  She claimed that giving the treatments were relaxing to her as well because it was a time to just sit and breathe deeply as she focused on serving others.

After being the recipient of so many wonderful treatments, and witnessing the powerful example of service by my mother, this past year I asked her if she could teach me.  She trained me in the art of reflexology as I visited her for nearly a month in Arizona.  Each day we would study, practice and give each other treatments.

In honor of my mother and to follow her example of service, I’ve decided to offer a free treatment once a month to a woman who simply deserves to take a break (that would qualify 99% of all women I know).  So send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment) and tell me about someone who would enjoy a treatment (I had one friend refer herself when I shared my idea with her-and that’s great too!) From the e-mails I receive, I’ll pick one woman each month and have her come to my reflexology studio in Mapleton for a 45 minute reflexology treatment.

We all deserve to be rewarded and to take a break!  I wish I had time to offer one a day!