November American Mothers Meeting

by Karmel Larson


Here are some things that we talked about at our November meeting: (thanks Danielle for the great post to our AMI BLOG!)

Rachelle is starting a White Ribon Week at her school. Yeah! She got a standing ovation from all of us there.

-We had three new members come and receive orientation binders.  Welcome!

Parenting Lesson Topic: Self-Esteem

Parenting lesson- Self-Esteem
– Do good and feel good about yourself
-Some discussion about the book “Myth of Self-Esteem” by Esther Rasband
– Karmel had to keep a notebook of all her negative thoughts for 2 days. She was surprised at how many negative thoughts about herself and others she had.  She has found meditation helps her have more postive thoughts.
– Say 7 positive things to children and spouse each day.

Health and Fitness

Shauna jumps  rope for 3 minutes 7 times a day. She also does “aeroboclean”- trying to really exercise and work hard while you clean.

Meeting Service:    We finished up our ABC books for the orphanages and several members took them home to tie with their children and deliver to Humanitarian Services.  Brenda volunteered to help with meeting service projects in the future.  She and Rachelle will co-chair our meeting service effort.

We laughed, offered advice for struggling teens, made new friends, renewed our energy and celebrated the joy of motherhood!  I love AMI!!! Mark your calendars for Jan. 8th!