Plan to come to Nov. AMI Meeting

by Karmel Larson

ami-october-2008-008My wonderful friends at our October AMI Meeting!

Plan to attend our November American Mothers, Inc. meeting at the Provo Library this coming Thursday, November 13th at 7:30-8:30 with a pre-meeting social at 7:00 to mingle and make new friends.

Thanks Ingrid (Utah Young Mother of the Year) for posting the following prep suggestions to our yahoo group about the Power of Positive Parenting Discussion:

For the November meeting, we will study CHAPTER 10 of The Power of Positive Parenting by Glenn Latham.  It is called “Building Self-Esteem,” and begins on page 175.  It’s a great chapter.  Please read it ahead of time if you can, and apply the principles he sets forth.  Be prepared to discuss your experiences!

If you do not have the book, here are a couple principles for you to mull over in advance of our discussion:
1. Do and say things which let your children know you feel good about yourself.
2. Say and do things to and with your children that show you highly regard them and their ability.
3. When children say disparaging, uncomplimentary things about themselves, acknowledge those feelings with empathy and love, but press for a solution.
4. Put failure into perspective.

A. The key to developing healthy self-esteem in children is for parents to be positive and proactive in their interactions with their children.
B. The self-management skills of private speech (talking to oneself), assessing cause and effect, and self-control, coupled with self-reinforcement, provides children with the tools they can use to protect themselves from the inevitable slings and arrows of the world that tend to put us down and get us down on ourselves.

I am interested to hear your thoughts on self-esteem, and to discuss these and other true principles in our parenting lesson.

I really really look forward to our monthly meetings.  A big THANK YOU to Karmel for keeping this great ball rolling!

See you all Thursday!
Love, Ingrid

Thanks Ingrid for the great heads up on our Latham-Positive Parenting Lesson.  This made me think of an assignment I received from my mentor, Cherie Burton.  She had me carry a notebook for two days and record every negative thought that entered into my mind.  It blew me away how much negativity abounded in the head of a self-proclaimed optimist!  Indeed, this is something to constantly be aware of in ourselves and to teach and watch for in our children.  Looking forward to this discussion on Building Self-Esteem.

Below are the topics for this Thursday, the 13th.  (our last meeting for 2008 since we don’t meet in December)

Meeting Topic: Balance, Simplifying
Motherhood Achievement Program: Health and Fitness
Value of the Month: Self-Discipline and Moderation
Positive Parenting: Teaching Self-Esteem

We don’t have any formal presenters or presentations on the above topics so come with any questions, suggestions and tips that you’d like to share.  I enjoy our meetings best when we can just bounce ideas off of each other and gain great insights from like-minded women.  This is your chance to use the group for your own gain… those who come with questions and thoughtful thinking about what you want to improve in your own life and family will gain the most.

Here are a few thoughts (from a panel discussion I participated in earlier this year) on Balance and Simplifying to get the mind going in that direction:

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Give Yourself Room to Grow.

Plants need to be repotted every two years to give room for growing roots and / or to replenish the nutrients in the potted soil.  We too, need to consider repotting for growth… When we wilt before the day begins, when we aren’t laughing enough, when we can’t find things to look forward to.  Don’t be “pot-bound”, try something new!

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Harmony: Achieving Balance in Our Lives.

“The notes I handle no better then many pianists.  But the pauses between the notes—ah, that is where the art resides.” –Artur Schnabel.  A Chopin piano nocturne played by a novice musician and by a virtuoso will not sound the same.  That’s because one of the two pianists has had a lifetime to practice the music as well as learn when to pause in order to color the notes with passion.  So it is with the concerto of our lives.  Individual notes must be learned and played and practiced before we achieve harmony.  And above all, we must learn to pause.


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Will it strengthen my family?  Will it hinder my family?  “Blessed is the woman who knows her own limits.”-Sarah Ban Breathnach   Why am I doing this?  Why am I doing this?  Why am I doing this?

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“You probably can have it all, just not all at the same time.” –Anna Quindlen, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” –Ecclesiastes 3:1

<!–[if !supportLists]–>3. <!–[endif]–>Nurture while doing the needful. (this is one that I’d love to discuss more at our meeting)

I’ll bring orientation binders for new members (Serena and Liz-I hope you can make it)

For our meeting service, we’ll be finishing up our ABC books for the Orphanages, so bring crayons, colored pencils or markers if you have some.

Happy Mothering!
Love Karmel

PS-Here’s a parenting idea…
We are focusing on manners at our house lately in preparation for the formal mealtimes with extended family during the upcoming holidays.  So each night we introduce a new table manner and review the ones we’ve learned so far.  We practice and talk about them all week long and then for our more formal Sunday dinner, we don’t mention manners at all.  We do however, bring a bag of M&M’s to the table and silently reward anyone who displays a manner that we have talked about.  It has been great fun and successful in getting the elbows off the table, napkins in laps and please and thank yous appropriately placed.