Citizens For Families

by Karmel Larson

It has been Red Ribbon Week at my son Ben’s school this week. A lot of good information on being drug free and safe has been coming home.  I called the PTA President to see if his school sponsors White Ribbon Week and she said no.  So I’ve volunteered to help get that organized.  Over the past several years, I’ve been involved in various ways with the non-profit, Citizens for Families.  They do many great things, one of them is to promote White Ribbon Week and to provide materials to schools, PTA and parents to help in this effort.


Citizens for Families is a community-wide effort which has the following goals:

  • To create a model city where everything inappropriate for children is out of their sight.
  • To develop a “community standard” that reflects a wholesome environment for children.
  • To strengthen the family and protect our community by educating parents, children, teachers, businessmen, and all members of the community.
  • To invite all organizations to join with us to accomplish our goals.

JoAnn Hamilton is the founder and has done innumerable things to promote decency and to strengthen families and communities.  She recently invited me to be the Utah County Coordinator for the efforts of Citizens for Families.   I’m excited to be partnering with her and her non-profit to further the work of promoting decency.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather,