Busy Bottling

by Karmel Larson

Try some yummy apple butter on homemade bread!

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog posts (if you are a regular reader anyway-I know I’ve got at least a few of you-thanks Mom!)  I’ve been busy bottling!  The fall harvest has kept me in the yard picking, in the basement sorting and in the kitchen bottling.  It’s such a fantastic project to do with kids! This week we’ve been working on pears, pear honey, apples, applesauce and my personal favorite-apple butter.  Here’s a link to the recipe for making apple butter!  It is best served warm on fresh whole wheat bread-so here’s my recipe for bread too!  Bosch Kitchen Center’s Whole Wheat and 12 Grain Bread Recipe (6 loaves in 21 minutes! not including the rising and baking of course).

Last week I had one of my favorite bonding moments with my children.  It was time to harvest the almonds.  We shook down the almond trees, collected them all up into baskets and then sat around our outdoor fire pit taking off the outer part.  We’d toss the fruit part into the fire pit and the nuts into a new basket.  We sang songs, told stories and just had the most joyful time enjoying a fall afternoon together harvesting the almonds.  I’m enjoying this beautiful fall weather soooo much!  It’s much more fun to be outside with my kids than typing on a computer!  None-the-less… my blogging addiction calls out to me after awhile as well.

Happy Fall Harvest To You!