Where Careers Collide

by Karmel Larson

Many of you are aware that Brigham and I are entrepreneurs at heart! We’ve have many, many businesses over the years together. We love working together and sharing the family responsibilities as well as work duties. We are dreamers, planners and partners in just about everything we do. Our current businesses are Real Estate, Piano Tuning (830-0011) and Brigham’s Jazz Trio Gigs (in no particular order of course). I thought a few of you might enjoy this video from the Utah Valley Association of Realtors Summer Event. “Brigham the Realtor” was asked to be “Brigham the Pianist” for the throw together “Realtor Funk Band”. In a once in a lifetime appearance and co-mingling of careers, here is my hubby… sporting dreadlocks and pink velvet. Enjoy! –Karmel

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