Expo Report:Raging Success… Except for My Forehead Wrinkles

by Karmel Larson

The expo was a raging success with over 180 sign ups for American Mothers and Parents Television Council. I had 1 woman cry with gratitude that our booth was present amid the commercial booths. She said, “With an expo title like-WHAT WOMEN WANT-I’m glad that there is at least one booth promoting good rather than handbags, lipo and trendy clothes.” I got that response from many women (minus the tears of course). It was a wonderful event and I met so many great women!

An interesting part of my first day was introducing myself to the botox booth across the isle. They quickly let me know that my forehead wrinkles would use a little “work” or shall I say “injections”. “My forehead,” I replied? Prior to that moment I had been 100% completely and naively unaware that I even had forehead wrinkles. But… sure enough, next potty break I check out my forehead and indeed I’m am lined like school paper up there on my forehead. I wonder what other physical faults and failings I could have discovered had I gone to every booth! What do you think… time to cut bangs and hide my lined and wrinkled, botox needing forehead? Or just go back to joyful oblivion of not even noticing the new wrinkles that come each new year from an over abundance of smiling and enjoying life’s many blessings? Comments?