Mrs. Utah United States Candidate-2009

by Karmel Larson

After being inspired by many women (Kelly Anderson of Startup Princess and Cherie Burton of Bluerose Communications) who have participated in this event and report it to be a very powerful experience in self-improvement, I’ve decided to become a candidate myself.  Yes, I’ll be putting myself on the line and wearing a swimsuit on stage, parading around in 4 inch heals.  Not really something I ever thought I would do, but I’m exited to meet the challenge head on.  After 4 babies in 5 years, I’ll need to work at this one!  I start with a personal trainer next Saturday.  You can visit her website at  I’m thrilled at the prospect of reclaiming my fitness level and feeling confident in a swimming suit once again.  I never wanted to be the kind of mom who sits out on the side of the pool.

More importantly though, I’m intrigued by this opportunity as an avenue to promote the work I’ve been doing with American Mothers and Parents Television Council.  You can visit my new website to view my platform.  I hope that you will consider donating to support my efforts to Declare Decency.

Mark your calendar for April 25th 2009 and come to the pageant held at the Covey Center For the Performing Arts in Provo, Utah.