Be Good For Something

by Karmel Larson

I’ve been working on a simple new website in an effort to combine the many aspects of my life into one on-line area. I put the following quote on my home page.

“You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others…

Click Here to Read the Entire Speech: STAND UP FOR TRUTH

I was present at this address just beginning my 2nd year of college at Brigham Young University. The message was so powerful it transformed my life completely in an instant. I had been studying business and was very much on a path of self-interest. My life up to that point had been one of being consumed with my own purposes, my own faith, my own righteousness, a very self centered small world. I realized in those short moments as he spoke that it was time for change in my life. This was to be the pivotal moment when I began to learn the difference between sins of commission and sins of omission. I began to be filled with a desire to reach outside of myself and to put forth an effor to “be good for something”. My life since then has been a quest to live up to the challenges and invitations made by President Gordon B. Hinckley on that day. I immediately changed my study direction to Social Work. I became passionate about advocating for women and children’s rights. I have since become a leader of several organizations that I believe lead the way in standing up for family values and speaking out against evil in our society.

In the same address, President Gordon B. Hinckley also said:
“In this world so filled with problems, so constantly threatened by dark and evil challenges, you can and must rise above mediocrity, above indifference. You can become involved and speak with a strong voice for that which is right”
Be a Leader in Honorable Causes

“I urge you with all the capacity that I have to reach out in a duty that stands beyond the requirements of our everyday lives; that is, to stand strong, even to become a leader in speaking up in behalf of those causes which make our civilization shine and which give comfort and peace to our lives. You can be a leader. You must be a leader, as a member of this Church, in those causes for which this Church stands. Do not let fear overcome your efforts, for as Paul wrote to Timothy: ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind’ (2 Tim. 1:7). Fear comes not from God but from the evil one. The adversary of all truth would put into your heart a reluctance to make an effort. Cast that fear aside and be valiant in the cause of truth and righteousness and faith. If you now decide that this will become the pattern of your life, you will not have to make that decision again. You will put on the ‘armour of God’ and raise your voice in defense of truth, whatever the circumstances now and in all the years that lie ahead (see Eph. 6:11)” (Brigham Young University devotional, Marriott Center, 17 Sept. 1996).