Some summer updates…

by Karmel Larson

It seems like I’ve been gone 1/2 the summer. We went to AZ for awhile to visit my mom and dad. While we were there, Gpa Dave passed away. I took the kids to see him at his care center and he passed away the next day. So we came back to UT and got ready to go to WA for his funeral. It was great to see all of my family and to celebrate his life.

Here’s my family of origin all grown up. Kids lined up from oldest to youngest. Yep-I’m #5!

Here’s the whole crowd at Priest Point Park right after Grandpa Dave’s funeral.

Our little collection of Larsons on Puget Sound in WA.

Following is a slideshow of pics so long that only grandparents would be interested to sit through. If you sit through the whole thing… you must be a really good friend or be really bored. Leave us a comment and say hello if you are in any of the above categories. We hope you are all making great family memories this summer! Love to you all!